Our mission/vision

We exist because we have the unwavering belief that women have specific, distinctive and individualised requirements when it comes to exercise and nutrition.

We understand and recognise the national Cert III & IV in Fitness and practically all nutrition programs completely ignore this concept and therefore, we have to invest a little bit more towards our education to obtain this knowledge and pass these skills onto your future clients.

Together we’re willing to make this sacrifice because that is what we stand for and what we believe in.

Most importantly – we’re also an uplifting and united girl gang that imparts you with the confidence (no matter your shape, size or ethnicity) to become the fitness and nutrition leader in your community.


The National Women’s Fitness Academy was born from the need for women to be heard, be safe and be supported through all the unique challenges we face.

We aren’t your average fitness course provider.

From hormones, pregnancy and post-partum, pelvic floor and menopause, to female athletes and everything in between, our graduates are women of all shapes and sizes, all with unique and valuable qualities, equipped to help people holistically.

Lauren Calvin – Founder


Our qualifications include Certificate III & IV in Fitness, Nutrition Adviser and Master Female Trainer. 

Our Specialist Women’s Nutrition Adviser and Master Female Trainer courses are comprehensive qualifications and preparatory programs for fitness professionals working with women.

Our detailed curriculum fills the gaps around nutrition counselling and sets you apart as a coach working with female health issues.

These qualifications provide you with full insurance coverage around exercise, nutrition and specific issues such as pre & post-partum coaching.

This is so much more than a pregnancy training or nutrition course. We go through our hole life cycle and unravell where we have been let down in the past by health professionals, the new science and what women actually need, plus why we hate our bodies and what we can do about it for future generations. 


We decided to have Sunday practical workshops because for our students, being predominantly mothers and working women, once a month on a Sunday was practical and flexible (like us).

Certificate III & IV in Fitness requires mandatory practical assessments which we cover on the Sundays, but these days are designed to go above and beyond the National Curriculum, to give our students relevant and practical skills for their careers.

Being in a group means we are able to fast-track a lot of the practical requirements as they can conduct the assessments on several people in one day, instead of one-by one if they were in a work experience setting.

We currently hold Sunday Workshops in 6 locations – East Sydney, West Sydney, North Melbourne, South Melbourne, Perth and Gold Coast/Brisbane (New Zealand and Bali campuses are coming soon).

If students are not near these locations, their practical assessments can be signed off by a qualified trainer in a gym of their choice.

If already qualified these workshops can be attended for free with our Masters and Nutrition package. (If the workshops are at Fernwood, staff are welcome to attend also)

We source skilled and passionate subject experts to mentor our students, coaches who not only have experience in the industry, but who are also highly successful in their own right. The fitness curriculum is very basic,


Upcoming Workshops

Sunday March 27th
Plus4HPC Prahran VIC

9AM – 11.15AM |  How to design amazing programs  |  Carla Girolamo

11.30AM – 1.45PM |   Upper body programming & execution (Cert III & IV task)  |  Bec Cameron


Sunday March 27th
9am – 2pm
Fernwood Browns Plains QLD

9AM – 11.15AM |   Management & prevention of low back pain   |   Rhian Roussos

11.30AM – 1.45PM |   Posture screening, assessment & correction (Cert IV task)  |   Asha Burnley


Sunday April 3rd


Next Gen Kings Park WA

10.45am – 12.30pm |All about Pelvic Floor Health and Diastasis Recti | Ziggy Ghilham (Physiotherapist)

12.45 – 3pm | Range of motion and client pre-screening practical assessments (Cert III & IV) | Lauren Calvin



Sunday April 3rd

Fernwood Parramatta

11am – 1.15pm |   Range of motion assessments & applications to your programming (Cert IV task)   |   Zoe Lee

1.30pm – 3.45pm  |    Coaching small & medium sized groups & Cert III health & fitness appraisals APSS    |    Steph Parsons


Recent Workshops

Sunday March 20th

Tribe41 Canterbury NSW

9AM – 11.15AM |   Keeping knees healthy & managing pain & injury situations |  Ellie Silvers

11.30AM – 1.45PM |   All about pelvic floor health including pre and post-natal |  Jessica Teeger  (Sydney Pelvic Clinic)


Sunday March 13th
Queen of Lean North Melbourne VIC

9AM – 11.15AM |   Nutrition coaching – face to face and online  |  Kate Morris

11.30AM – 1.45PM |   Range of motion assessments (Cert IV task)  |  Faye Magpayo


Sunday March 3

Fernwood Parramatta NSW

10.45am – 1.00pm|   Programming and execution of deadlifts and its variations   |   Ash Mabon  

1.15pm – 3.30pm |    Coaching small & medium sized groups & Cert III health & fitness appraisals APSS    |    Steph Parsons


Sunday March 6th
Empire Fitness Jandakot WA

9AM – 11.15AM |  Foundations of kettlebell coaching  |   Debbi Biggs

11.30AM – 2PM |  Strategies for coaching circuits & small/medium sized groups |   Sarah Hourani


Sunday February 13th
9AM – 2PM
QUEEN OF LEAN North Melbourne VIC

9AM – 11.15AM |   Glute hypertrophy & lower back health |  Brooke Alvar

11.30AM – 1.45PM |   All about knee health & managing pain & injuries |  Faye Magpayo


Sunday Feb 27th 
Plus4HPC Prahran VIC

9AM – 11AM |  How to design amazing programs  |  Carla Girolamo

11.15AM – 1.15PM |   All about single leg movements & menstrual cycle programming   |  Bec Cameron

1.15PM – 1.45PM |   Lunch

1.45PM – 4PM |   Cert IV Range of Motion and Cert III health & fitness APSS appraisals   |  Siggy Fisher

Sunday January 16th

Rushcutters Health NSW

9am – 11.15am |  How to design amazing programs  |   Leticia Lockhart

11.15am – 11.30am |  Short break

11.30am – 1.45pm  |   Functional Movement Appraisal (Cert IV task) not to be confused with the functional movement screen, they are different   |    Zoe Lee


Sunday January 23rd
Fitstop Labrador QLD

9AM – 11.15AM |   The Functional Movement Screen |   Asha Burnley

11.30AM – 1.45PM |   All about Unilateral Movements (Bulgarian Split squats, lunges etc) |   Asha Burnely


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