Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t make up my mind what institute I should study at?
We think the best way to decide is to be able to have a free trial so you can live, breathe, experience what you’re going to be getting yourself into.

If you wish to trial any of our courses simply send an email to info@womensfitnessacademy.org and we’ll send it straight out to you (we won’t even ask for a phone number).

We also have an overall trial if our ultimate undergrad package interests you.

I want to specialise in coaching pre & post-natal women. Can I do that with just a Certificate III & IV in Fitness?

No.  To be insured to work with this population you need to have a specific pre & post natal qualification to be eligible for the insurance coverage.  Our Masters Certificate provides you with this eligibility and is free for all our Cert III & IV students.

Can I study alongside a job or other study commitments?
Yes, all of our certifications have been designed with busy mums and full-time boss ladies in our full focus.
You study completely at your own speed and around your own schedule. If you’re working full-time or at university, you just study when it suits you.
I’m a male. Can I still do these courses?

Yes and there’s absolutely no reason you wouldn’t receive the same advantages as all our female students – especially if you train pregnant or post-partum women.

Our Nutritionist Certification is a comprehensive and well-rounded nutrition course full stop.

Even if you only worked with males, you’ll find the general and practical nutrition knowledge you obtain to be cutting-edge and applicable to any and all people.

As a male you can still obtain your Certificate III and IV with us as we have a variety of mentoring options to complete the necessary practical components within the program.

Can you tell me more about your payment plans?

Payment plans are available for all of our courses in 46 countries and begin as low as $40 per week and you can select from weekly, fortnightly or monthly debits. 

There’s no interest, no instalment fee, no overdue fees and no credit card fees.

There’s no eligibility criteria to meet. 

You can pay additional instalments in any amounts without incurring any additional fees.

English isn’t my first language but I’d like to do the course. Would that be possible?

In our Nutrition and Masters courses you can change to your choice of 39 different languages with the single click of a button.


Mandarin (Simplified)
Mandarin (Traditional)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Spanish (European)
Spanish (Mexican)
Do you provide any Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

Yes we will review and consider all RPL applications once we receive an academic transcript. 

Most of our RPL applications are for our Nutritionist course and generally speaking, your previous completed study would need to be based upon university or higher tertiary-based qualifications such as;-

  • Nutritional Sciences
  • Human Nutrition
  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Food, Nutrition and Health
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Sport and Exercise Science degrees with a nutrition major
  • Dietetics

Please send your enquiry or application to info@womensfitnessacademy.org

Can I do specific modules rather than the full course?

With our Masters you can purchase units separately, however, the whole course needs to be completed to gain the Masters Certificate.

The Nutrition course units are not available separately. 

Completion of Certificate III and IV in Fitness requires completion of all the units

Will I be able to advise on medical issues after completing the course?

No not to a large degree. You will, however, have the expertise to assist and support clients with specialist clinical conditions and the practical skills to be able to interact with other medical professionals to provide the safest and most useful support possible.

Can I claim my course back as a tax deduction?

In most cases YES! Everyone’s financial situation is different so please speak to your accountant.

Do I have to do a work or industry based placement?

Work placement is not a requirement for any of our qualifications.

Are there any course pre-requisites or qualifications required?

Depending on your career

Can I get a student loan or any government subsidy for these courses? Also, what about Afterpay, Zip Pay or other buy now pay later financial services etc?

No. Most governments don’t provide funding for fitness and nutrition courses. The buy-now-pay-later finance companies are only for products and goods, not courses.

Who pays for the insurance and how much is it?

Following the completion of all our courses the graduate (you) pays for the insurance you require.

The Nutritionist insurance is approximately AU$250 per year and available in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Ireland and Canada.

Fitness professional and pre and post-natal insurance is approximately $125 per year.

How long do I have to finish the course?

All our courses have two years before they expire. If you’re studying your Certificate III and IV, you have one year each to finish each of those.

What is the cooling off period and non-refundable enrolment fee?

We highly doubt any of you will need this but we have the industry standard 7 day cooling off period, whereby you can cancel your enrolment or withdraw from the course for any reason whatsoever within 7 days and you’ll receive a full refund minus $500.

What if I have a life situation that forces me to take a break from studying?

We provide study breaks and extensions for up to six months at a time.

I did my Certificate III & IV in Fitness many years ago and never registered afterwards. Can you please outline the steps required to get into this career now?

There’s no need to repeat those certificates. You have them for life. You do however physically need to have them as we’ve encountered several situations where people simply can’t find their certificates and the RTO has since shut down.

There’s also no need to register or to accrue CEC points. You can choose to do both if you wish, but, you’re legally allowed to work as a Personal Trainer without either.

You do need current first aid and CPR. And you do need Personal Trainer insurance.

If you intend to coach nutrition in any shape or form you need a specific insurance policy that covers you very specifically for what you’re actually coaching.

If you desire a recap or ‘polishing up’ before you re-enter the industry we’d highly recommend our Masters Certificate in Female Fitness Programming and/or attending our or EduVacations in Bali, Thailand or New Zealand.