A safe place for women to learn, lead and thrive

Become a specialist female nutritionist and personal trainer through our fully internationally accredited program. Or, learn just for you!

A safe place for women to learn, lead and thrive

Become a specialist female nutritionist and personal trainer through our fully internationally accredited program. Or, learn just for you!

We set you apart as the go-to female health, fitness and nutrition professional, through our unique and specialised qualifications and expert team of mentors


Hybrid Nutritionist Personal Trainers are the future of fitness

You don’t go to your hairdresser because she’s good at just washing your hair.  Your future PT clients will expect you to be able to help them with both exercise and nutrition.  Become a hybrid Nutritionist/PT and be able to offer premium services and help people holistically

Pre & post-natal certified and insured

This is the only Cert III & IV course in the world that includes the all important certification and insurance to train pregnant and post-partum women 

Go at your own speed

All our courses are fully self-paced so you’re able to have complete control over when you finish

Convenient study options

We have 100% online courses.  100% face to face courses.  50% online, blended with 50% face to face courses.  If they’re all a bit too vanilla for you, we have our EduVacations program where you can complete a portion of your qualifications in some of the world’s most exotic locations

Flexible payment plans

You can more or less select the amount you wish to to be debited each week, fortnight or month and we can provide these plans in 46 countries

Yes, you'll still be qualified to coach males


Don’t want to study but keen to learn?

Join our exciting new online community changing the way women are educated about their bodies and minds

I’m now an online Coach & Nutritionist!

I grew up hating exercise. I wanted to change my body but I didn’t know how. I’ve fallen for every fad diet in the book and none of them got me any closer to the balance and confidence I wanted. Now I am an online coach and Nutritionist, I help clients achieve a huge range of goals, while prioritising their health both physically and mentally. I am also a competitive bodybuilder and while I have a passion for the unnecessary intricacies of bodybuilding, I am perhaps more passionate about lifestyle coaching. My favourite things to teach are: How to enjoy exercise, the purpose of movements, how to enjoy a healthy balance, how to create a mindset that seeks healthy balanced behaviours. We’ve all heard that losing weight is about creating a calorie deficit. But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Anyone who tells you that it is, does not successfully teach these things.

Karina Shah


Such a valuable and enriching learning experience

I recently completed the Master Female Trainer offered by Women’s Fitness Academy and I am thrilled to share my experience. I completed my cert III & IV in fitness may last year. At the completion of my course I felt a longing to dig deeper into learning about women’s bodies, and how to support the challenges we face throughout our life. The course exceeded my expectations in every way, providing a comprehensive and engaging learning experience. From the very beginning, the course was well-structured and easy to follow. The lessons were thoughtfully organized, gradually building on each concept to create a solid foundation of knowledge. By the end of the course, I felt confident in my ability to mentor and support my female clients no matter what their individual situation may be. I can honestly say that this course has been a game-changer for me, both personally and professionally. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to deepen their knowledge in this field. Thank you, Women’s Fitness Academy for providing such a valuable and enriching learning experience.

Cassey Hlad


Actually loved studying!

I have always aspired to help women in their health and fitness journey. Looking for the right people to study through was a huge priority for me as I was still working my full-time management position in a hair salon, so I needed somewhere that was flexible, at my own pace, and also offered the practical tasks to be done outside my work hours as I couldn’t take work off to complete it.

I stumbled across the Women’s Fitness Academy after seeing a few people I knew of study through them. Just looking at their Instagram and website already had me sold, I sent through an inquiry. Got a response back very quickly and the sign-up process was a breeze!

The education they provide is incredible, so much support. The in person workshops where my FAVE! If I could do them every week I would have. Meeting mentors and leaders in the industry who I looked up to for so long was a huge moment for me. Some of my best friends now I met studying through NWFA.

I had full confidence when I finished to start my own business, which I just hit the 1 year milestone of working for myself in the amazing industry and I wouldn’t have been here if it wasn’t for NWFA.

Couldn’t recommend them enough if you are wanting a career in fitness and women’s health!

Courtney Mcminimee


Empowering Women Through Nutrition

I recently completed the Specialist Female Certified Nutritionist course, and I must say it exceeded my expectations in every way. This course provided a comprehensive and insightful exploration of women’s nutrition, catering specifically to the unique needs and challenges faced by females.

The course structure allowed for flexibility, enabling me to pace my learning according to my schedule. This proved immensely beneficial, as it accommodated both my professional commitments and personal life.

The Certified Nutritionist course was a transformative experience. It not only elevated my understanding of women’s nutrition but also equipped me with practical skills that will undoubtedly benefit my clients. I highly recommend this course to anyone passionate about enhancing women’s health through nutrition.

Tash Fenton


Loved the Master Female Trainer course!

I absolutely loved this course. Not only was it set out in such an easy way to absorb the information, but there have also been so many key takeaways for me in regard to women’s health and training that I can implement when coaching my clients. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who coaches as women.

Emma Andriessen


10/10 Recommend the Certified Nutritionist course!

This was such an amazing course! The level of depth that it goes into is incredible, I feel so ready to start my new career. The team at NWFA are so supportive and are always ready to assist if needed. I really enjoyed the whole course, but especially the topics relating to nutrition and female health and hormones – so interesting!

Hailey Jamieson


Best decision ever made!

Best life decision I made, signing up with NWFA. The retreat was so much fun, it was great being aligned with other women with a similar goal, being able to study online at my own pace, the other coaches and hearing about their experiences, in the industry, as a business owner, what they’ve learnt, just gives you so much more knowledge than just completing your cert 3 & 4 anywhere else.

Cannot thank Lauren and NWFA enough for this amazing experience!

Carly Duggan


Best decision I’ve made this year!

Learning about the female body and how to assist women their cycle, incredibly painful endometriosis, pre and post-natal, and other hormonal disorders, to feel more confident in their training so they don’t feel like they aren’t capable, is truly the path I’m meant to be on! Thank you Women’s Fitness Academy for bringing this to life!

Alana Litchfield


Menstrual cycle education is so important!

I would highly recommend this course for anyone looking to upskill!! I place a lot of importance on regularly upskilling so I am able to provide my clients with the most up to date information and methods to help them achieve their goals

Alana Vogt


I can not recommend the women’s fitness academy highly enough!

The content taught was nothing but amazing. The females teaching us throughout the course are so knowledgeable and inspiring I have learnt so much from them that I can now take back to my business to help it grow, as well as help educate my new and exciting clients. I am so glad I chose to take this path. 10/10 recommend to all my girls!!

Georgia Styles


The National Women’s Fitness Academy, is an amazing supportive place for women & men to learn!

I completed my cert lll & IV, Master in female fitness & Nutrition under their guidance! Before choosing who to study through I did a lot of research & I reached out to Lauren from WFA her gentle hand and step by step explanation of the program & the structure of learning made me feel like part of a family from the first email. Nothing has been to big or small for the trainers in this course! Asha has been one of the main face to face instructors I’ve had the pleasure to meet along my journey & has gone above & beyond to help in our practical days! The online course is set up so well the flow from online video learning to the work sheets is faultless & you have everything at your fingertips! You can not fail when you choose to study with this team! I am so proud to tell anyone who will listen about the Women who have put this together. I wear my shirt with pride in the gym & hope anyone male or female looking to start their fitness journey also chooses to do THIS course, you can go as fast or as slow as you like & really take your time to enjoy the process.

If you are looking to complete your fitness certification or to learn about female fitness, nutrition more in-depth, in a team of passionate people that make you feel like family not just a number… You have found the place for you!

Beth McKinley


I couldn’t recommend this trip more!

I had such an amazing experience in Bali with NWFA and I am so grateful that I got to be part of such an incredible community of inspiring women! I learnt so much about myself, I gained so much knowledge on how to work with other women and help them through any problem they may face as well as learn how to fuel and take care of their bodies in the right way. I met so many beautiful women that I share so many values and interests with and it was so special to open up to absolute strangers which brought us all closer. My confidence has increased massively and I can’t wait to help other women feel confident and love themselves for who they are. If you are considering going, do it!

Alysse Reynolds



Are you currently unqualified in fitness?

Learn more about the  Certificate III in Fitness & Certificate IV in Fitness

Are you currently unqualified in both fitness & nutrition?

Learn more about the Ultimate Undergrad Certification package

Are you currently qualified as a PT & wish to upskill in women’s health & pre/post-natal fitness?

Learn more about our Masters Certificate in Female Fitness Programming

Why women? 

Historically, women have been underrepresented in medical, fitness and exercise studies. With a recent shift towards including women and specifically analysing the unique needs of females – there is still a 10-year gap between new research and implementation, that’s a huge gap in knowledge and health outcomes.

  • 8/10 women have felt their doctors dismissed their symptoms
  • 1/10 women suffer from a chronic disease
  • It takes 3-5 years to get a PCOS diagnosis and 8-10 for endometriosis
  • Women are 10x more likely to suffer from hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s than men
  • Understanding the link between our menstrual cycle, gut health and mental health is significantly underrated.  
  • The current direction of health research that seeks to better understand the complex interplay between hormonal health, gut microbiome, and mental well-being
  • Females have unique needs in sports and training that traditional systems ignore
  • Pregnancy, birth, post-partum and child health have all been found to benefit significantly from exercise, however there are vital things women need to know to do it safely.

Women deserve better. Join us in uniting science and practice, empower yourself and your clients and join a growing movement changing the face of female health forever.

We use “women” as a collective term for all people who menstruate, gestate and experience female hormone cycles. We endeavor to be an inclusive and safe place for women, transgender and non-binary people to learn about their bodies. 

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