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A word from The Hub creator

We created the Hub because we want all women to benefit from the amazing knowledge and information our global educator team has to offer. No gate keeping here!

If you want to learn about all the most up-to-date and relevant female health topics, from gut health and hormones, to pelvic floor, mindset and body confidence, join us now.

Some of our expert contributors

Jacqui Lamplugh

Women’s Health & Natural Fertility Expert

Mandy Hopper

Functional Nutritionist & Performance Coach

Sabine McKenzie

Therapist & Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

Dr Rebecca Rowe


Dr Morgan Langford-Salisbury

Osteopath & Coach

Jade Reynolds

Mental Health Occupational Therapist & Personal Trainer

Sheradyn Dekker

Functional Nutritionist

Stephanie Georgiou

Psychologist & Author

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  • The curated expertise of some of the best female health experts in the world across a wide range of specialties
  • Our brand new monthly digital magazine – The Women’s Issue
  • Over 100 brand-new short educational videos designed for easy learning on topics like gut health, hormones, pregnancy, post-partum, ADHD, mindset, eating disorders, nutrition and training.
  • Expert Panel discussions on women’s health issues
  • New educational videos as soon as they’re released
  • Our most valuable podcasts on topics like PCOS, Endometriosis, body image and relationships – watch or listen and learn on the go!
  • Our closed Facebook group where you can connect with like-minded women and our education team
  • A body-positive, supportive community of women
  • The opportunity to be featured in The Women’s Issue Magazine

For about the same price as a decent cup of coffee a week

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